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You are such a beautiful lady who has done an absolutely outstanding job of capturing everything DPS.
You have done a beyond amazing job. Thank you, thank you! One happy customer...

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Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory                                                                                                                             Dr Suess

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It is a strange notion that time speeds up as we age, and yet that is the feeling that many of us have. In a world where we are presented with information daily in easily digestible ‘news bites’, the rapid replacement of knowledge and memories is inevitable.


Our memories all too fast and all too easily became archived in our minds as bullet points. The details of perfect days at the beach or the first time your first child slept through the night are replaced with graduations, weddings and funerals. The small moments that remind us of our hopes and dreams can become lost forever.

Creating a biography is an excellent way to preserve the events and relationships that helped shape the person you are today.



Why should I produce a biography?


Have you ever been struck with the thought after being entertained by the anecdotes of friends or family that "someone should be writing this down". Biographies provide that opportunity and are one way to preserve the stories that touch our hearts, fascinate us, and make us laugh. 


Preventing social isolation


Living alone, relocating, loss of loved ones or income as well as an inability to participate in activities can all lead to social isolation. Working with a biographer will help prevent social isolation. It can connect you with people in the present and the past, and with family not yet born. 

     Connecting with family

Biographies preserve memories for others. They allow family and friends who have been unable to spend time with loved ones to understand and know the person they are distanced from. In a world where we are increasingly isolated from one another, biographies become valuable assets that provide insight to people’s lives including their loves, dreams, and hopes; lost and found.

Preserving memories and engaging in memory recall activities

Clinical trials show that it can be useful to engage in memory recall activities during the early stages of memory loss. Completed biographies can be helpful aids in remembering lost times.

We’re all just stories in the end.

                Just make it a good one.                                          Doctor Who


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