What will my finished biography look like?


In My Lifetime biographies are beautifully and professionally bound to the specifications of the individual and their family. Various options are available and your biographer will discuss design ideas prior to printing.


There is no minimum print run and there is no obligation to market or share your story.

In My Lifetime biographies are written by a qualified historian and experienced writer; subjects are brought to life on the page in a narrative that is both entertaining, revealing, and informative. 

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How much? 


Other biography services charge up to $20,000 for a full life story. In My Lifetime biographies are low-to-medium in length AND cost. 


Cost is dependent on number of interviews, number of pages, type of binding required and is broken down into interview hours, writing hours, editing, and printing and binding. The average cost of an In My lifetime biography is $3,000 - $8,000. 

See full Terms and Conditions on this website.